Epson ET-2760 won’t print wirelessly

Network printing issues are common with some sort of network-related issues while/attempting the print work on your desired documents. Try to use the Epson Official page and support page to know much about the solution to the printer-related errors.

Not printing when it is connected to wireless, can also be due to general nor printing reasons and other network related reasons. Use the given directives to sort out of both:

  1. Initially, do the Power-cycling method for better precision prints.
  2. Once the power cycling method is done, ensure with the print test report- using the Quality Diagnostic Report option using the connected Epson ET-2760 printer control panel.
  3. Access through the ink carriage area and inspect the levels of ink levels on the ink cartridges– replace or refill using the Epson ET-2760 Premium quality ink cartridges.
  4. Place the ink cartridges properly into the provided slots for proficiency.
  5. If it is a new or first-time ink cartridges setup, the ink cartridge protective vent will block the ink flow which can bring this type of error.
  6. Then, verify the ink cartridges periodically for better access.
  7. Inspect the ink cartridge slot and gently remove the existing one from the place and replace them properly.
  8. Get strong support from the Printer Manual to perfect the ink cartridge installation process.
  9. Still, if you can’t experience the print work on your Epson ET-2760 printer, proceed below.
  10. You need to clean the print head either by using the automatic method through the printer settings or by the Manual method.
  11. Just apply the Automated print head cleaning features from the Maintenance menu using the control panel settings.
  12. Now, check the entered Wi-Fi credentials like Wi-Fi Password/user name properly. When you feed the incorrect password, you can get this type of error often.
  13. Be prompt while entering the new network or Wi-Fi password to the respective field.
  14. Alternatively, utilize the Reset Network Settings. Hit the Factory Reset settings to easily sort out the issue on your Epson ET-2760 printer setup.
  15. Turn ON the Epson printer using the Start button> Menu option and move on with the Settings.
  16. Get your cursor down to choose the Restore default settings. Now, choose the Network settings. Give OK and mention the message parameters.
  17. Restart all the printer and wireless devices once.
  18. Yet you cant print wirelessly, Call Us.

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