Epson ET-3700 Printer Printing Blank Pages

Epson printers are known to be the most efficient printers, but even the best, from time to time, may face a few issues. The key here is to ensure the printer has the right instructions to complete troubleshooting and get the printer to function. The question here is, “Why is my Epson ET-3700 printing blank pages?” The immediate answer to this is to find the area of error. What could be the issues causing the Epson ET-3700 printer to print blank pages?

The error that you are facing is referred to as a blank page error. A series of checks will have to be performed to complete the checks behind why the Epson ET-3700 printer is printing blank pages. With the right instructions and a few guided steps, the printer can be up and running in minutes.

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What are the causes behind the Epson ET-3700 printer printing blank pages?

Some of the common yet obvious reasons behind the printer printing blank pages are as below. The key element is to have the right instructions to resolve printer issues.

  • Solution 1 : Empty or damaged cartridges
  • Solution 2 : Clogged nozzles.
  • Solution 3 : Epson ET 3700 Printer Driver Update
  • Solution 4 : Check the ink cartridges
  • Solution 5 : Run the troubleshooting process for Epson ET 3700 Printer
  • Solution 6 : Restart the Epson ET 3700 printer

Other than this, there could be other underlying issues causing the printer to fail to function. Here are the instructions that will assist in the removal of the Epson ET-3700 error.

Here are a few checks to be completed before resolving the printer issue. 

  1. Make sure the printer is positioned in the right place. The printer should not be titled or placed on an angle. This could cause issues with the ink flow.
  2. When installing the Epson ET-3700 ink cartridges, there could have been yellow tapes that were not removed. When ink cartridges are installed, the yellow tape should be removed.
  3. Outdated ink cartridges should be removed and replaced with fresh and brand new ink cartridges.
  4. Ensure there is sufficient paper in the paper feeding tray. The quality of the paper feeding tray should be good. Replace the sheets as per the required specifications of the printer.
  5. Ensure that the printer is in proper working condition. Proceed further if all the above checks have been completed.

Alternatively, if you wish to omit to go through the entire process of rectifying the Epson ET-3700 printer issues, you can contact us. We will be able to provide you with the professional assistance that you need. Our experts will provide you with hand-held assistance to resolve the issue in minutes.

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Step 1:

Fixing the Epson ET-3700 printer issues – Epson ET-3700 printer printing blank pages.

Check the ink cartridges that are inserted into the printer.

  1. Make sure the ink cartridges are in proper working condition.
  2. If there is no ink in the ink cartridges, it will cause printing issues.
  3. Check if there are any damages to the ink cartridges. If there is, it is another reason why the printer prints blank pages.
  4. Replace the ink cartridges should be the first step that has to be taken if the ink cartridge is empty or if there is any damage to the Epson ET-3700 ink cartridges.

Step 2:

Clean the blocked nozzles of the Epson ET-3700 along with the print head

Even after the change to the ink cartridges seems to be of no use, you will have to proceed to the next step of clearing blockages in the printer. Ensure these steps are followed accurately to complete the removal of the Epson ET-3700 printer printing blank pages.

  1. Move over to the Epson ET-3700 printer, click the Home button, and click the Maintenance option.
  2. Select the option that indicates Print head Nozzle Check. Once the option has been confirmed, the printer will be printing to indicate if there are any blocks.
  3. If there are issues in the test printer, choose the option that indicates, “Clean the print head”.
  4. Allow the printer to complete the full cycle of clearing blocks if there are any. Ensure the printer is allowed to complete the full process.
  5. Make sure this is performed just once, as there should be a break between each cycle of 6 hours.

Step 3:

Update the Epson ET-3700 printer driver

The printer driver should always be updated at all times. The printer needs to stay updated at all times. Updated drivers come with bug fixes and features that allow users to experience enhanced features. Follow the step below to check if the printer driver has been updated. If there is an available update, complete the process using the instructions below.

  1. Open the Epson Support website and enter details of the printer, such as the printer name and the operating system.
  2. Based on the details entered, the printer will have to complete the installation of the updated and the latest driver.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the process, and this should resolve the Epson ET-3700 printer issue.

Once all these changes have been made to the printer, restart the printer and the device to which the Epson ET-3700 is connected.

Step 4:

Restart the Epson ET-3700 printer

  1. Power up the Epson ET-3700 printer and allow the printer to remain idle.
  2. Following this, while the printer is powered up, remove the power cord from the printer.
  3. This will cause the printer to switch off. Then, remove the power cord from the power supply.
  4. Allow the printer to remain turned off for a few minutes. Connect the printer back online.
  5. Take a test print to ensure the printer is back to functioning normally online.

Despite all these changes being made to the printer, the printer fails to function and then contacts us. By contacting us, you will receive guided and professional assistance to resolve the issues causing the Epson ET-3700 printer to print blank pages.

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