Epson error code

All the printers are subjected to errors. These errors may occur due to various reasons. The printers indicate these errors by using a series of error codes. In this article, some of the Epson error codes their causes and solutions are discussed.

Error Code I01/W05

This error code occurs due to two reasons. One reason is if the printer tray is empty and does not have any paper sheets in it, and the second reason is if the printer’s paper cassette has more paper than the required limit.


  • Open the paper tray of the printer.
  • Ensure the paper tray has enough printing sheets.
  • If it is empty, feed enough printing sheets.
  • Make sure to use high-quality Epson printing paper.
  • In case it is overloaded, take some sheets from the paper tray.
  • Now press the start button and start printing.

 Error Code W02/W03.

This error indicates that the paper used in your printer has jammed. Paper jam may if you use crushed or curled paper, make sure to use flattened and crisp high-quality sheets for printing. A dirty paper tray can also cause this issue.


  • Carefully open the printer led.
  • Remove the damaged paper from the inside and outside of the printer and clean it.
  • Remove any tiny pieces of paper present in the printer.
  • Now install brand new printing sheets on the paper tray.

Error Code W04.

This type of error specifies that the cartridge lid

is open. You can avoid this issue by properly installing the ink cartridges and using high-quality Epson cartridges.


  • Open the ink cartridge door of the printer.
  • Access the cartridge slots.
  • Close the ink cartridges tightly and again place them in the slots.
  • Make sure it snaps back in place.
  • Press the start button for printing.

Error Code W10/W11/W13/W41.

The error code indicates that the ink cartridges in your printer are empty or wrongly installed. One can avoid this error by constantly checking the ink level in the cartridges.


  • Open the cartridges door.
  • Check the ink cartridges have enough ink.
  • If it is empty, fill them with ink.
  • Now start printing.

Error Code I11 and W12.

The error code reflects that the LCD screen does not recognize the ink cartridge.


  • Access the cartridge slots.
  • Remove the old ink cartridges.
  • You need to be replaced it with a new one.
  • Press the start menu and continue printing.

Error code W12:

This error code message prompts when your printer does not have any memory card inserted.


  • Take a new memory card.
  • Access the memory card slot in the printer
  • Plug it into the memory card slot.
  • Now start printing.

Error Code W-30 and Error Code W-31.

This error occurs if the memory card is loaded incorrectly or not supported by the printer.


  • Immediately discard the memory card from the USB slot.
  • Ensure the files it is corrupted or not.
  • Again reinsert the card or replace it with a new one.
  • Now start printing.

Error Code I51/I52:

This error code indicates that no photos are chosen in the index sheets or the ovals are not being checked on the index sheet.


  • Check the printing sheets.
  • Ensure all marks are on the sheet.
  • Press the start button and try printing.

Error Code W01 and Error Code E10.

This error indicated that your Epson printer end of its service life.


You need to contact Epson printer support services directly to its customer care.

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