Why my Epson Printer is Printing Blank Pages?

Epson Printer that prints blank pages can be due to various reasons on the printer connection and configurations. You don’t have to worry about the error, it’s quite easy to restore your normal print job using some solutions. Obtain instant support from the Epson Official page and confirm the error using the error code that you have copied from the printer control panel. Once you have confirmed the error, use the given steps back-to-back.

Steps to Resolve the Epson Printer is printing blank pages:


  1. Make sure the printer is positioned at a smooth surface or not. If not, try to keep it on the flat-surface and start the next troubleshooting steps.
  2. Gently, open the ink cartridge access door and look for any blank ink cartridge or low-level ink cartridge. You can also use the system settings by hitting the Maintenance option to inspect the ink cartridge ink levels.
  3. Make sure the ink cartridges are installed properly. If not, remove the default ink cartridges and insert them again deeply.
  4. Firmly, open the paper input tray to inspect the loaded paper sheets whether they match the recommended paper-quality.
  5. Use the paper adjuster and adjust the paper alignment on either side.
  6. Try to use the Epson Premium ink cartridges to install and pint out. Install the ink cartridges until the click sound.
  7. Slowly, Open the print head lid and uninstall it by removing it from the slots. Take the print head in hand and look for any paper clogs or any other obstructions on it.
  8. Try to remove them immediately and fix them properly to the respective slot/field for flawless printing work.
  9. Now test the print job using the print option. Yet the problem persists, continue with the below steps.
  10. Use the print settings and look at the paper size, orientation, layout, and requirements. Try to match the settings with the printer software to avoid these kinds of issues.
  11. Ensure there are no blank pages on the document you have chosen.
  12. Attempt the print work by restarting the entire printer and its components by unplugging the power cords from the respective ports.
  13. Later, connect them to the appropriate ports using the Epson Manual support.
  14. Hit the preview option and ensure the settings for the flawless printing job. Then, you can give the print option.
  15. Now, check whether the printer prints properly or not. If not, use the Epson Technical Assistant support for the Epson printer Troubleshooting and instant solution & support.

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