Epson printer not connecting to the WiFi device

No worries- we have clusters of solutions & tips to be followed to overcome the Epson network-related issues on your Epson printer setup.

To be checked:

  • Utilize a stable and active network to avoid this kind of issue.
  • Ensure with the wireless router’s security credentials like WPA1, WPA2 & WPA.
  • Confirm the stability of the network by using the Network configuration page support.
  • Make sure to use uninterrupted power & Network connection.
  • Enter the correct network user ID & Passcode.

Steps to be done to overcome the Epson printer not connecting to the Wi-Fi device:

  1. Prior, confirm the loose connection on your port cables. If found, try to unplug and plug it safely into the respective ports.
  2. Make sure there are no other obstructions on the path of the printer to the router to get the uninterrupted network signal flow.
  3. Ensure with the router adjustment by turning in the proper direction to get the best signal strength to access.
  4. Or else, use the system settings and check the driver details & find whether it is outdated or corrupted.
  5. Use the software update utility option to find and update the needed driver or utility software to the desired Epson printer driver.
  6. Next, operate through the Network settings and ensure whether there are any trigger issues due to the internet connection.
  7. If you have attempted to connect with a new router, you may try resetting and reinstalling the Epson printer.
  8. Conduct Power-cycle on your printer devices by turning OFF the printer. Wait for the printer to turn OFF completely.
  9. Then, you need to Turn OFF the network devices or wireless router.
  10. Now, safely disconnect the plugged cords from the printer to other devices’ connections. Then, leave it idle for a few seconds.
  11. Now, use the Manual and try to connect the power cords appropriately to the respective slots. Make sure the lights on the router show no light blinks on it.
  12. It’s time to connect to Wi-Fi and check whether the problem has been solved or not.
  13. Or else, try to attempt by clearing the caches by pressing the Feed button till and after the printer turns ON.
  14. Then, you will notice the printer will start to print. Proceed again by pressing the feed button.
  15. Now, the complete caches will be cleared and you are ready with the fresh printer setup process.
  16. Finally, try to Restart the printer setup and try to connect the printer to the Wi-Fi connection-

If- you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, Call Our Technical Team for easy support & guidance.

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