As we know, Offline and other related errors in printers are common & expected at any time during the printing work. Use the Epson Official page and start using the given guidelines to bring the best troubleshooting process.

  • First, ensure whether the EPSON printer and printer-related devices are intact & interfaced to a stable power & network connection.
  • Make sure the connected EPSON Printer driver matches the Mac and its settings.
  • If you find any loose connection or other issues, try to rectify them immediately to resolve the identified error.
  • Ensure with the other configurations settings like EPSON printer and Mac to avoid this Epson printer online.
  • To check the network stability, take a Network Configuration print page report to confirm the network stability & access.
  • Utilize the Mac system settings to make sure the EPSON printer status.
  • Then, operate using the Mac system and proceed using the options like Apple icon > System Preferences
  • Move on to the next pages and pick the option- Printers & Scanners.
  • Connect through the Printers & Scanners option and get the list of printer name that matches the Mac system device.
  • Look for the EPSON printer name or icon. Once you located it, try to right-click and connect through the drop-down menu to find the Set as printer Online
  • Confirm whether the active printer is not enabled with the Offline if enabled, try to disable the Offline and activate the Online mode by tapping the checkbox nearby the Online option.
  • Eventually, confirm whether the EPSON printer has turned back online or not. If not, proceed below. Further, ensure with the downloaded EPSON Printer driver
  • Move on with the Mac settings and continue with the Apple icon> System Preferences> Printers & Scanners> from the list, select the needed printer name, and right-click to inspect the printer driver details.
  • When you see the driver outdated or corrupted, attempt to uninstall the driver software and install it using the EPSON Official page to get the latest EPSON Printer driver software.
  • Add the printer to your active Mac system and try out the print work by commending the print task using the Mac system device connection.
  • Yet, you face the same Epson Offline issue- Call Our Technical Team for instant Support & Guidance.
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