Epson printer wifi connection failed

The Epson printers are wireless printers that will have to be connected to a wireless connection. For this, there are multiple processes and measures that can be taken to ensure the printer functions wirelessly. The printer can be connected to a wireless connection using the wireless setup wizard, the WPS push button and the WPS pin method.

It is common for the Epson printer to fail to connect to a wireless connection. This could be due to various reasons, such as a network issue. During the process of connecting to the Epson printer, if there is an interruption in the connection, the connection will fail.

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How to troubleshoot the Epson printer’s wifi setup failed error

Follow the steps as mentioned below to assist in the process of resolving the Epson printer wifi setup failed issue.

Restart the wireless connection

For the Epson printer to connect to the wireless connection, it is important that the connection be stable and active. It should also be functioning at the required speed to ensure the printer connection is successful. Along with this, the user will require the right instructions to connect the printer to the wifi. If there are issues despite following all the given instructions, use the below steps to assist in rectifying the printer issue.

  1. If the wifi router is turned on, move to the rear end of the router and locate the power button.
  2. After locating the power button, press and hold it down for a few seconds.
  3. Ensure that all the LED lights are not blinking after turning it off.
  4. Give it a few minutes to remain turned off.
  5. After a few minutes, power up the wireless connection.
  6. Wait until all the LED lights light up and then establish a connection once again.

Type security password correctly

This is another common issue that causes users to panic when the connection doesn’t take place. But, there is a high possibility that the printer’s wifi connection error can be due to entering the wrong credentials. It is vital that when noting down the wireless connection’s credentials, it is noted down accurately. Along with this, the wifi name, if being entered manually, should also be entered correctly.

When you are entering the password, make sure that it is done cautiously. When the password has been entered, make sure a final check is completed before giving the final confirmation.

Change to 2.4 GHz wifi

Another reason that causes the printer to not connect to the wireless connection is the compatibility of the printer and the wifi router. Both devices should be compatible for the connection to take place. This is another reason that causes the printer and the wifi connection to indicate a failed connection.

To rectify these issues the router will have to be replaced with a 2.4 GHz router for the printer to be able to connect to the wifi connection.

Employ the WPS method

As a final solution to the wifi not connecting to the printer, the WPS method can be used to connect the wireless connection. Using the WPS push button method, the printer can be connected to the wireless connection without the wireless credential.

For this, the WPS push buttons will have to be located on the wifi router and the Epson printer. On the router, the WPS button will be found at the rear end. For the Epson printer, locate the wireless push button from the list of wireless settings. Press the WPS buttons at the same time and the connection will take place in a few minutes.


When it comes to connecting Epson printers to a wireless network, a few simple instructions will have to be followed. Complete the steps to make sure the printer connects to the wireless connection. If not, you have the option of contacting us to provide direct online assistance to get your Epson printer connected.

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