Epson WF 4820 wireless setup using the WPS pin method

WPS- Wi-Fi Protected Setup is one of the methods of operating the wireless setup. Use the Epson Official page to get instantly supported with the WPS setup process.

You can also use the Epson Manual support to setup the WPS configurations needs. To get the WPS Pin and wireless setup connections, you need to quickly track the given steps to get connected with the wireless setup.

Note: You need to use the stable & Active network to access the wireless setup procedures using the uninterrupted Wi-Fi network.

Use the given instructions to locate and operate the WPS- Wi-Fi Protected setup on Epson wf-4820 Printer:

  1. To begin with, make sure the printer and system are active and compatible with each other to perform wireless setup procedures.
  2. Take the Epson Manual’s instant support and access the setup procedure using the printer and compatible devices like loading paper to the input tray and looking at the ink cartridges.
  3. Get a stable and hassle-free network to connect the printer setup devices. Try to tie up all the printer-related devices to the same network connection.
  4. Operate through the Epson wf-4820 printer display panel and scroll the display to get the settings option > Setup icon.
  5. Once you have chosen the Setup option and try to scroll down the screen below to pick the Network settings option.
  6. Wait for the resultant page to show the drop-down menu and find the Wi-Fi setup option to select.
  7. Choose the PIN code setup (WPS) option on the Upcoming page. 
  8. Use the Epson Manual to locate the WPS button on the printer. Then, press it and get the WPS Pin on the Epson WF-4820 printer screen to launch the Wireless setup using the user Wi-Fi network.
  9. Further, connect through the displayed WPS PIN-code on the screen; either you can copy or note down.
  10. At the same stretch, locate the WPS button on the Wireless router and wait for the printer to router communication to start the wireless setup.
  11. This referred WPS PIN code is the provisional one-time usage pin code used only for a single wireless attempt.
  12. Use the displayed PIN to the Router-based web source to start the printing process wirelessly.
  13. If your PIN shows any invalid or outdated, it’s time-out. Attempt the same procedure and receive the new WPS PIN code for the wireless setup.
  14. Assign the print task to ensure the Epson WF-4820 Printer WPS Setup support.

If you have any difficulties in WPS Pin setup- Contact Our Technical Team for instant support & service.

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