Epson XP-7100 offline issue

Here, you will find the solution to the Epson XP-7100 printer offline issue. We have keyed down the details and instructions that are to be followed when the Epson XP-7100 printer indicates an offline issue. Most of the time, the issue with the Epson XP-7100 offline error is a simple underlying issue that has to be resolved.
For this, follow the steps below as they provide the assistance to complete the offline issue. Or, you can also get in touch with us to complete the Epson XP-7100 printer offline with professional assistance.
Restart the Epson XP-7100 printer

  1. Power up the Epson XP-7100 printer and allow it to remain idle for a few minutes.
  2. While the printer is powered up, remove the power cord. The power cord should be removed from the rear of the printer.
  3. Following this, remove the power cord from the power supply. Allow the printer to remain idle.
  4. After a few minutes, connect the Epson XP-7100 printer back to the power supply.
  5. Complete a check to ensure the offline status of the Epson XP-7100 printer has been removed.
Set the Epson XP-7100 printer as the default printer.
    1. Power up the Epson XP-7100 and the device the printer is connected to.
    2. On the device, open the Settings app and choose printers and devices.
  1. Locate the Epson XP-7100 printer from the list of drivers that are available.
  2. On locating the Epson XP-7100 printer, right-click on it to access the pop-up menu.
  3. Choose Set as default from the menu option. The printer will be set as the default printer.
Check the Epson XP-7100 printer’s wireless connection
  1. The Epson XP-7100 printer should be connected to an active wireless connection.
  2. Power up the Epson XP-7100 printer and check if it is connected to a wireless connection.
  3. Check the wireless connection, it should be functioning effectively.
  4. Ensure that the wireless connection is active and stable.
  5. Proceed further to reset the wireless router to remove any underlying issue with the network connection.
  6. Power it back on and use the WPS push button method to connect the wireless connection to the printer.
The driver is one of the other issues that could be causing the Epson XP-7100 printer to remain offline. Contact us to assist in the process of resolving the Epson XP-7100 printer offline issue.

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