Epson XP-800 scanner problems

Epson XP-800 scanner problems

Every Scanner will result in this type of issue in a certain period when used daily or repeatedly. You can use the Epson Official page to know more about your Epson ET-800 Printer and its scanner & scanning specifications. Once you have obtained the required details, try to inspect the cause of the issue and start the premium quality scanning access on your selected documents.

Use the given guidelines to resolve the Scanner physically:

  • First, turn ON the Scanner safely using the power button.
  • Make sure the connections are appropriate to the chosen compatible system devices.
  • Now, turn OFF your computer and Scanner, and make sure the connected USB cable interface connection between them is highly secured.
  • The Scanner may not function properly when your computer is in standby mode (Windows) or sleep mode (Mac OS X).
  • Finally, try to Restart Epson Scan.
  • Start the scanning work freshly.

Tips for the efficient scanning work:

  1. Make sure the scanner bed is properly cleaned. If not, do it immediately with soft fabrics or cotton.
  2. Then, ensure whether there are any jam issues in the scanner carriage area.
  3. Confirm with the scanner glass is properly cleaned and the document is kept accordingly.
  4. Try to use the computer with the latest scanning software to start the scanning procedure.
  5. Further, attempt the scanning work smartly by choosing the required document from the connected system devices.
  6. Finally, try to maintain the scanner bed periodically after each use.

Scan driver installation on the computer:

  1. To begin with, turn ON the computer and choose the Start button > Epson Software.
  2. Further, you have to choose the Epson XP 800 Software Updater option and select the Epson product using the available list.
  3. Then, move on with the option- Firmware Updater and proceed with the wizard instructions.
  4. Continue with the next screen to utilize the Epson Firmware Updater wizard on the screen.
  5. Next, prefer the Start option and relax until you find the list of Firmware updates.
  6. Then, hit the Finish option and relax until the driver installation process gets completed.
  7. Finalize with the OK option and get back to the utility window if required.
  8. For more details & support- Call Our Technical Team for the instant assistance.

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