How to Fix Poor Quality Issue in Epson Color Printer

The Epson printers are known for their quality outputs but there are times the Epson printer may fail to deliver on quality due to technical issues. These technical issues can be removed in a matter of minutes with the guidelines and instructions. Follow the steps below and complete the process of rectifying the printer colour issue and rectifying the poor quality prints.

Make sure the print settings are accurate

It is vital that the print settings are made correctly as it could cause a direct impact on the quality of the printer in terms of delivery of the print quality. Check if the sizing, orientation and quality of the print is as per the requirement.

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Check if there is no setting made to deliver printer in Black/Grayscale. If the setting has been made the printer will produce prints in this manner alone. Remove these changes and make sure the print colour is set to the required standard.

Physical blockage
Make sure the printhead and the nozzles are clear of any blockage. Clean the print head and remove blockages from the nozzles. Blockages caused in these areas could cause the printer to deliver poor quality outputs.

Refill the tank or replace the ink cartridges
Ensure there is sufficient ink in the Epson printer. The ink cartridges should be filled. If there is an issue with the printer cartridge it should be replaced at once. This would  assist in removing the Epson printer issue that is causing the printer to deliver low-quality prints.

Check the quality of paper
The paper used should be as per the standard specifications of the Epson printer. If the paper fails to meet the standard requirement of the Epson printer, the outputs may not be as expected. Use high-quality paper of the right size. Note that the paper should be accurately aligned for the best results.

Complete these steps to assist in the removal of the printer issue. Note that the steps are to be followed accurately. But, if you require quick assistance to get the Epson printer to function quickly, contact us to provide professional assistance to get the printer up and running normally in no time.

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