How do I Change My Epson Printer from Offline to Online

How do I Change My Epson Printer from Offline to Online?

Check the Epson printer error using the printer screen. Look at the printer error code and confirm the Epson Offline error. It is Quite easy to get back the printer offline to online using the given steps without skipping any of the steps.

  1. First, you need to check the printer connections. Try to utilize the Epson printer Manual and verify the printer setup connection. Then, try to do the needful.
  2. Check whether the printer has communication with the system that is connected. If not, inspect the printer-to-system cable connections.
  3. Try to connect it intact to avoid the loose-connection.
  4. Check whether the printer turns online or not. If not, proceed with further steps.
  5. Now, use the system settings to bring the Epson printer online using the Start> Control panel> Devices & Printers option. From the list of printer names displayed, right-click to the desired Epson printer and use the option- See what’s Printing.
  6. On the resultant pop-up window, choose the printer using the top bar.
  7. Select the Use printer online option from the drop-down menu.
  8. Now, try to cancel all the printing jobs using the system settings Start> Control panel> Devices & Printers option >Epson Printer 
  9. Then, right-click to the desired printer to attain the Cancel option to remove all the printer entries.
  10. Now, once again choose the See what’s Printing option to get back the printer online mode.
  11. Use the same settings option and proceed with Epson printer >Remove device. Obtain the new driver software version and install it again for the proficient Epson print work.
  12. Try to solve using the Driver Easy application to Run the scan option. The Driver Easy application will automatically scan and deduct the errors.
  13. Then, choose the Update or Update all option and move further. Attempt the restart and run the printer process.
  14. Try to use the uninstall option to uninstall and reinstall the driver using Start> Devices and Printers> Epson printer.
  15. Communicate with our Technician for instant support.

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