How to Connect Epson Printer to Mac

Want the incredibly easy method of connecting the Epson printer to the Mac system? Don’t hesitate anymore; connect the below steps.

Connecting Epson Printer to the Mac system is quite easy and can be achieved with less time using the below steps. Connect through the Epson Official page and support page to know more details regarding the printer handlings & setup arrangements.

Prior, ensure the stable & active network to start the Epson printer setup using the Mac system. Carry out the provided directives to establish the proficient printer setup & output using the Mac system support.

how to connect epson printer to mac

Open the secured browser, access the Epson printer’s official website & download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility.

  • Further, you must double-tap the OS file and choose the “Continue” option.
  • Next, you will get the Software License Agreement Window on your screen.
  • Proceed with the next page- Agree to the windows by using the “Proceed” button using the “I accept” checkbox.
  • Then, try to press down the navigation arrows to get the “Install” button and close it.
  • Further, you have to locate the desired Epson printer to select.
  • Open the finder windows if it doesn’t open by itself. Then, operate through the “Program & EPSON” Apps option.
  • Now, move on with the Epson Connect Printer Setup button.
  • Then, carry out with the option- “Printer Registration”> “Next” button.
  • Finalize with the “Register a printer to Epson Connect” option.
  • Mark the checkbox nearby the “I accept the terms and conditions” option to proceed next to Epson connect Printer Setup.
  • You can use your existing Epson account if you have one. Or else, try to create a new one using the “Epson Connect Account” form.
  • Finally, use the prompts and add your new Epson printer by logging in with the proper username & password.

How to Connect Epson Printer To iPhone

To begin with, make sure your connected iPhone has the iPrint app installed on it. Then, please make sure the Epson printer is compatible/enabled with the AirPrint features & with its latest firmware. Further, your iPhone & Epson printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi internet network for establishing the AirPrint. Now, you are all set to proceed with the below guidelines:

  • Open the iPrint app using the active network support on the active iPhone.
  • Now, respond to your screen stating- “Printer is not selected,” & then if prompted, choose the Epson printer using the below steps.
  • Confirm with the option- “Tap to select your printer.”
  • Use the “local” tab to search your printer’s name. Locate and click on it.
  • Suppose your Epson printer is unavailable on the list of shown printer names. Use the “search” option at the bottom of the “Local” tab.
  • Yet, if you can’t recognize your printer’s name on any source, mention the Epson printer keys manually on your iPhone by using the “Direct Wi-Fi setup” option under the “Manual IP” tab.
  • Finalize with the “Add” option and look at the bottom of the window.
  • Hence, you have connected your iPhone & Epson printer & now you can easily print from your iPhone.
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