How to connect Epson XP-200 to Wi-Fi without WPS

As easy to perform wireless without WPS, we have different methods to connect the printer to wireless using the stable network access. Use the guidelines below and proceed with the wireless setup using the WPS mode.

For Windows:

  1. Refer to the Manual or Official Epson page support or reference page to verify whether the printer is connected properly to the system.
  2. Then, switch ON the printer and use the Home button on the printer’s control panel.
  3. Further, connect through the Wi-Fi Setup and hit the OK option.
  4. Now, release the OK button after the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard selection alert configuration pop-up shows up.
  5. Use the corresponding page and choose the required network name & specify the correct network password to the appropriate field.
  6. Wait and relax for the screen to screen to get connected with the wireless setup and give an OK option.
  7. Finally, the Epson printer is ready with stable Wi-Fi. To confirm on windows, use Printers & Scanners > from the list, and right-click to the desired Epson XP-200.

For Mac:

  1. First, confirm whether the Mac has its Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility Software previously done.
  2. Then, proceed with the Agree on the Software License Agreement by tapping Agree> Continue.
  3. In the next step, try to add the printer and proceed with the wireless setup using the network support.
  4. Use the Home button to pick the Wi-Fi setup on the control panel settings.
  5. Then, carry out using the Wi-Fi setup wizard selection page and Hit ok for the pop-up message shown.
  6. Attempt the Network configuration page to entail the network details.
  7. List the desired network name from the list and proceed with the Epson XP-200 Wi-Fi setup using Mac for endless printing.

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