How to do scan setup on Epson printer

Scan setup on Epson printer is quite easy when the scanning software and scanner bed are proper to access. Try to get instant support from the Epson Official page for downloading the latest version of scanning software for the desired Epson printer with reference to the compatible system.

On the other hand, you must maintain the scanner machine properly from dust and other particles to obtain the best setup result and performance in the future.

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Use the given steps to accomplish the Scan setup using the Epson printer support:

  1. First, take the original document and place it on the scanner bed.
  2. Here, you need to clean the scanner bed prior to the better performance and problem-free scan setup.
  3. Then, you need to press the Home button and choose the scan option to redirect to the specific computer to configure.
  4. Now, you will get the information screen, just give ok to it.
  5. Prior, you need to modify the scan settings according to your needs using the given below steps.
  6. Start> Control panel>View Scanners & Cameras option.
  7. From the displayed list under the Scanners & Cameras menu, click anywhere on the scanner list.
  8. Choose the desired scanner and click the edit option.
  9. You can have a preview and then confirm with the scan option.
  10. For the proficient scanning function, you need to maintain the scanner bed periodically after each use.
  11. Make use of the suitable scanning software by downloading and installing it to the compatible system.
  12. Once the scanning software is downloaded, just register the printer and start the other work.
  13. Alternative method on Epson printer: you can download & install the Epson Utility combo pack or an individual package to access the printer specifications in a simple way.
  14. Once you find the desired document scanned through the settings and options of the scan. Wait and use the report to share or print via Epson printer.
  15. Finally, you are done with the scan setup for the effective scanning procedure in a simple way.

Yet, you have any difficulties-Reach Our Technical Team for instant support & Service.

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