How To Fix Epson Printer wifi Setup Failed?

The Epson printer is an efficient printer that works well as it possesses all the printer features that a user would require. In addition, the Epson printer is known for its quality and comfort in using the printer. The added feature of the printer is the wireless option.

The Epson printer should be connected to the wireless connection to use these features. The procedures to be followed are simple, and there are multiple ways in which the Epson printer can be connected to the wireless connection.

But, there are times the Epson printer will fail to connect to the wireless connection. To avoid further delay with the printer functioning effectively due to the wireless network issues, we have created the below steps to resolve the Epson printer wifi Setup that has failed.

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Why does my Epson printer wifi setup fail?

  1. A network issue
  2. Invalid SSID
  3. Network Settings Error
  4. Firmware issues
  5. Security issues

How do I fix the Epson printer wifi setup failed problem?

  1. Ensure the wireless connection is active and functioning at a proper speed.
  2. Place the printer within 8 m to 10 m range of the wifi connection.
  3. Check the network name (SSID) and note the password.
  4. It has to be noted carefully as any error will cause an issue.
  5. Make sure the wireless connection is functioning, and it is stable.

Advance tips for Epson network Setup Issue

Restart the wireless service 

There could be an issue with the wifi connection. However, the process and be rectified, and the errors can be removed by the simple step of restarting the wireless connection.

  1. Move over to the wireless connection.
  2. Locate the power button and press and hold it down.
  3. Wait until all the LED lights are turned off.
  4. Allow the wifi router to remain idle for a few minutes.
  5. Turn the router back on and wait for all the LED lights to stabilize.
  6. Complete a quick check to ensure the wireless connection is functioning.

Check wifi credentials 

There could be an issue with the wireless connection’s credentials. For example, it could be noted wrong, or the incorrect details entered the system. Hence, ensure that the wireless connection details are being entered is noted down accurately without making errors.

  1. Open the settings for the wifi connection on the router.
  2. Choose a password to view the details of the wireless connection.

Enter the wireless connection details accurately to avoid any issues with the wireless connection.

Reset the Network Settings and fix the Epson Printer wifi Set up failed.

When changes are made to the network name or the password, there could be an issue with the wireless connection. Make sure that the details are entered accurately. But, once the incorrect details have been added, the device has to be reset to remove the incorrect details.

  1. Power up the Epson printer and allow it to remain idle for a few minutes.
  2. While the printer is powered up, remove the power cord from the power.
  3. Remove it from the printer and the power supply.
  4. Allow the printer to remain idle for a few minutes.
  5. Connect the power cord back to the printer and the power supply.
  6. Once the printer is powered up, change the network settings.
  7. Make the changes to the Settings – Default Restore Settings.
  8. Click OK, and the changes will be applied. Restart the printer and complete the connection.

Use the WPS method for Epson wifi Setup.

Before connecting the wireless connection to the printer, reboot the Epson printer.

  1. The first step is to connect the printer to the wireless connection to the printer.
  2. Make sure there is an active wireless connection and complete the connection.
  3. Locate the WPS push-button on the wireless router. It can be found on the rear end of the wireless connection.
  4. Press and hold the WPS push-button on the wireless router.
  5. Move over to the Epson printer and press and hold the WPS button on the printer.
  6. Press the wireless icon, choose the wireless settings icon and scroll down to select the WPS push button method.
  7. Make sure the WPS push button and pressed down on the printer and the wireless connection simultaneously.

Change the wireless channel.

Follow the below instructions to complete the process of changing the wireless channel

  1. Open the admin panel for the wifi router.
  2. Choose wifi Settings.
  3. Choose the wifi Channel from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then, make the changes by choosing Apply.

Change the Security type.

The steps below will help in the process of changing the Security type

  1. Open the admin panel in the wifi router.
  2. Choose wifi Setting.
  3. Select the Security type – WEP 64 bit.
  4. Create a new passphrase and change the SSID as well.
  5. Finally, after all the changes have been made, click Save to apply the changes.

After all these changes have been made, as mentioned above, reset the wifi router and complete, and the issue to fix the Epson Printer to the wifi setup failed.

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