How to Reset Epson printer

On Epson printers, a typical error message is Printer Maintenance Required. Resetting your printer device will quickly remove this notice. It is possible to reset your Epson printer using one of three techniques. Continue reading this page for more information on how to reset Epson printers to their default settings. We’ll go through each technique in depth.
Quick Methods to Reset Epson Printer

There are three ways to reset the Epson printer

  • Use the Printer’s Control Panel
  • Directly use the reset button
  • Use the adjustment program of the Epson for factory reset

Use the Printer’s Control Panel

In order to learn how to reset the Epson, start by using the printer’s control panel. After that, take the following actions:

  • Press the ‘home button to access the home menu on the control panel for the printer.
  • Open the primary setup menu by using the right and left arrows, and then select ok.
  • To find the restore default settings button and then click ok, use the right and left navigation.
  • Utilizing the up and down buttons, locate restore network settings and click the ok button after that.
  • Proceed to restart the Epson printer to complete the final step.

These instructions will allow you to reset your Epson printer and cure any current problems quickly.

Directly use the reset button

The factory reset button is standard on all Epson printer models. This button is located on the device’s rear. Simply tap this button to do a factory reset on your device. To learn more about how to reset an Epson WF 2540 printer, however, you must also adhere to the instructions stated below:

  • The power button may be used to turn off your device.
  • To push and hold the factory reset button, you can use a pin or anything.
  • You must then press the reset button for an additional 5 seconds before you may power on your printer.
  • Upon receiving the printed warning page, release the button.
  • The default IP address page will also be shown after a little while.

Use the adjustment program of the Epson for factory reset

This approach may be used to reset any model of printer, including the Epson l380. It is especially useful when the buttons on your printer aren’t functioning properly. The reset procedure will take longer than normal in this instance. However, there is no need to fear because it is simple to accomplish. Check out the following actions to get started with this approach:

  • On your device, look for, download, and install the most recent and updated version of the Epson Adjustment Program.
  • To discover the appropriate choice to make the necessary selections, pick the Select option.
  • Go to the select menu now to select your printer’s model and the port to which it is attached to the system. Click OK.
  • When you do, the window labelled “Adjustment and Maintenance will appear.
  • In this case, you must choose the Waste Ink Pad Counter from the Maintenance option.
  • Once more, click the OK button.
  • You must now check the Main Ink Pad Counter and click the initialise button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • As the last step to finish the reset procedure, you must choose Finish. Finally, to make the modifications take effect, restart your device (printer).

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You may speak with Epson’s knowledgeable and devoted customer service team immediately. They will assist you and provide clearer instructions on how to reset Epson printers without difficulty. Contact our printer specialists through contact or live chat if you need more help, such as with an Epson printer that is in an error state. You may contact us via email or through the comment area.

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