Privacy Policy

The owner of the website is, and the administrators of this website clearly demonstrate that they manage and maintain all the confidential information of the clients during every troubleshooting, transaction, and service queries.
Our website is 100% secure and preserves every user’s information during their visit, and we assure comfortable and genuine browsing whenever they visit our website for their needs. The set of personal information that we collect while creating a user account is nothing but the name of the user, email id, gender, address, and date of birth of the user. Apart from the personal information, some of the automatically saved information include the Country where you reside, language, IP or Internet Protocol, and the time of access.
Every piece of information that we save is highly protected, and we do not misuse any of your information without your consent. To get instant and immediate service help from our team, every user needs to create an account with us such that our team can meet your needs on-time, and the information you share while creating your user account will be safe.
On making a payment, be assured to provide either credit or debit card information or any other mode of payment that you choose. All this payment information is secured cautiously by our team until the payment completion, and we delete your details immediately after the payment process is over. If your payment turns failure or if you experience a fake account redirection, we are not always responsible for such type of issue, and you should make payment only at your hazard.
Have you reached us for printer troubleshooting? Then we will enquire some of the system or printer details that include printer or system model, firewall details, age of your system or printer, the operating system that you use, and the mode of network connectivity. And, we will not share this information with any of the third parties to market, promote, or for any other reasons. All these details will be only between the printer user and the administrators of our website. tends to update the privacy policy frequently to accomplish convenient usage for the administrators and the users of our website. Every user information that we collect is solely to assist clients holistically as and when they require and not for not any other misleads. We have also implemented cookies to store every user’s personal information when they browse our site. In case, if you don’t accept cookies to store your details, you can block the activities of cookies at any time. But, this may obstruct you to use some of the features of our website.
Whenever you visit our website, some of the non-personally identifiable details like the browser that you use, Internet Protocol or IP address, date and time of your access, and the previous site that you have accessed are also automatically collected. These non-personally identifiable details are essential in promoting our website. If you do not want our website to save these non-personally identifiable details, you can turn off the settings at any time of your desire. Other information like login name, pages you browse, and passwords are also collected by us to provide you a better platform to search for your needs.

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